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Greetings!  Welcome to Mazon-Verona-Kinsman ESD 2C.

Mazon-Verona-Kinsman ESD 2C serves students in grades EC-8th grade.  Our Elementary Building houses grades EC-4th.  Our Middle School contains grades 5th-8th.  MVK has a long history of academic achievement and we are making strides in our effort to move to the new Common Core State Standards.

We have a variety of activities for our students to participate in from athletics to academic competitions to fine arts competitions.  MVK students are very active in the Accelerated Reading program, with some students earning 400+ points in one academic year! 

MVK 2C is a member of the Grundy County Special Education Cooperative, which provides a variety of services to our school.  MVK also has a Title I targeted assistance program that provides services to students who are at-risk for failure in reading and/or math.

Our goal is to provide all students with a solid foundation that will allow them to be productive members of society.  We are fortunate that our community, students, parents, families, and staff are dedicated to education.

I hope that you and your family are as excited to be a part of the MVK Community as I am. 

Nancy Dillow, Superintendent

Mazon-Verona-Kinsman ESD 2C

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M.V.K. uses a problem-solving process that helps teachers and parents work together to help students who need support. Parents, general education, special education teachers, and Grundy County Special Education Cooperative personnel work together during the problem solving process. The goal of this process is to identify interventions that will help the student, teacher, and parents address the needs the student is experiencing at school. An intervention is a strategy or course of action designed to make a positive difference in the area needing support. The problem solving process looks at teaching methods, the material(s) being taught, the classroom setting, and the behavioral and learning needs of the student. For more detailed information about the MIT process, please contact the building

Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Elemantary School District 2C
1013 North Street
Mazon, IL 60444

         Superintendent - Mrs. Nancy Dillow 448-2200
         A.D. / Bookkeeper - Mrs. Alise Marques 448-2200

Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Elementary School
513 8th Street
Mazon, IL  60444

         Principal -  Mrs. Melanie Elias 448-2471
         Secretary - Mrs. Candy Matteson 448-2471
         Nurse - Mrs. Carol Halpin 448-2471
         Social Worker - Mrs. Carolyn Reynolds 448-2494

Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Middle School
1013 North Street
Mazon, IL 60444

         Principal - Mrs. Debra Paulsen 448-2127
         Secretary - Mrs. Pat Havekost 448-2127
         Nurse - Mrs. Carol Halpin 448-2127
         Social Worker - Mrs. Carolyn Reynolds 448-2074

             8:00 Main Office Open 
             8:15 Students Enter School
             8:25 Tardy Bell Rings
             3:10 Student Dismissal Bell
             4:00 Main Office Closed
*Answering machine is always on; MVK will respond to messages

Middle School

Electronic devices, including cell phones, IPOD’s, electronic readers, etc., should be turned off during
regular school hours unless being used with permission for school related activity. Misuse of technology will result in a Responsibility Card signature, and extreme misuse will result in the loss of privileges.
**MVK is not responsible for the damage, loss, or theft of students’ electronics.**

Elementary School

All games, electronic devices such as CD players/I-pods, cell phones, e-readers, etc., should be in book bags before entering the building. Keep all electronic devices in book bags and turned off unless given permission to use by classroom teachers. If students are found using these devices without permission they will be confiscated by the teacher and held until the end of the day. For repeated offenses the devices will be held in the office until a parent/guardian picks it up. The student and parent assume total responsibility for the device.
**The school is not responsible for the safe keeping of any device.**


Lunch Overview – Each morning during 1st period homeroom, students will inform the Teacher of their lunch preference for that day. Students may choose Hot Lunch ($2.50), or milk ($.35). Extras are also available for $1.00. Payments may be made in the Office between 8:15-8:25. Students are encouraged to make multi-day lunch purchases.
        For example, Hot Lunch w/ Milk: 5 for $12.50 20 for $50.00 Milk: 10 for $3.50 20 for $7.00

Lunch Charges – Students must keep current on their payments for lunch. Students with over 5 charges may only purchase a snack & drink for $1.00 until the account as been fully paid. At 8 charges the student is no longer eligible for the snack and drink.

Additional Lunch Guidelines


  • Pop and energy drinks are prohibited in the lunchroom.
  • Parents may not purchase food from a commercial source and then distribute it to anyone other than their own children during a school lunch period.



School Addresses

Superintendent's: 1013 North Street / Mazon, IL 60444 / 815-448-2200
Elementary School: 513 8th Street / Mazon, IL 60444 / 815-448-2471
Middle School: 1013 North Street / Mazon, IL 60444 / 815-448-2127