Principal’s Update: It can be challenging for students to get back in to the school routine, especially at the Middle School level. Balancing extracurricular activities, family time, homework, and time for friends can become quite difficult and overwhelming. Here are a few helpful hints to ensure homework gets completed and still allow time for everything else. Have your child set aside a certain time of the day/week that is only for homework. This will allow them to establish a routine and also be excited when they don’t have any homework and get extra free time. It also helps to encourage your child to use their time wisely during the school day. Students have the opportunity to work on homework during study hall, after lunch, and during I&E at the end of the day. Lastly, help your child see homework as a chance to prove their independence by getting their work done on time and on their own. This can boost confidence as well as promote the importance of responsibility.